Social Media ROI – Explain Social Media Value – Video

Clients come to us asking “how do we explain the value of Social Media to our clients and upper management?

The short answer is: show them the numbers… measured in dollars and cents.  Using returns measured in dollars, you can prove that you bring in real quantifiable value to the company.  This is extremely powerful.

Web metrics like followers, page views and click-throughs are no longer good enough.

Next question is always, “how do we show return numbers measured in dollars and cents?”

This video answers how clients are using the Social Media ROI application to show social media returns measured in dollars and cents and how to maximize these returns.

To learn more about how to calculate the Social Media ROI, download the light version of our ROI application.  And please contact us directly.

Comments are a fundamental part of social media, so do your social duty and add a comment with your thoughts.

8 thoughts on “Social Media ROI – Explain Social Media Value – Video

  1. The Social Media ROI application is very useful! Your video demonstrated great ways to measure and display this information. For instance, the Return Channel Graphs were helpful visuals to use. I believe this tool would truly help my company. Thank you for this presentation and looking forward to your presentation at Bentley University.

    1. dagholmboe

      Stephanie, thanks for your comment. I look forward seeing you at Bentley. Feel free to contact me directly with respect to your company.

  2. Rebecca Woods

    This video was really interesting to watch! I thought that followers, page views, and click throughs were the most important metrics. But clearly there are other ways to measure the return. This will be very useful for companies to really see the numbers! I’ll see you at Bentley!

  3. This is fascinating-several steps ahead of anything I’ve seen in the social space. It has been challenging to make a substantive business case for a specific social media spend when other channels offer much more defined ROI models. I’m looking forward to learning more.
    Thanks for your valuable blog.

    1. dagholmboe

      Dan, thanks for the comment. The whole concept of calculating the ROI on something fairly nebulous as social media is a very interesting undertaking. Nevertheless, I think we are doing a good job estimating the return and ROI for our clients.

  4. […] we use the third way to quantify the Social Media Return. Please see here for a discussion and here for a […]

  5. […] The company offers a free spreadsheet download that looks as though it may be very useful.  Get it here. […]

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