Online tool – Facebook Social Media ROI

We are very excited to introduce our free online Facebook campaign Social Media ROI application.  The application calculates your Facebook campaign’s Social Media Return measured in dollars.

The application takes as input your campaign’s Facebook Insights metrics (instructions on our Facebook campaign site).

The extremely important output metrics include total number of fans (increasing or decreasing), your reach, and the return value of your brand awareness and engagement.  The values are measured in dollars.  Brand awareness, engagement and total values are also calculated per fan, which means that the application gives you the average value per Facebook fan.

So far so good.  Now, here is where the application is awesome – it not only provides you with your brand’s values, it also provides you with how your brand’s values compares to other brand’s values as measured in dollars. Thus, with our application, you can see how your Facebook campaign measures up to other Facebook campaigns.  Very cool.

The online application’s input and output are a subset of our full Social Media ROI application. The full application also includes Social Media ROI optimization, trend analysis and multi-channel comparisons.

Access the online Facebook campaign application here.

The Facebook Insights metrics are readily downloadable from your Facebook fan page (just make sure you are the administrator – instructions on our Facebook campaign page).

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