Free Webinar – Prove the financial value of Social Media campaigns

Are your executives demanding quantifiable ROI of social media campaigns? Are soft metrics such as “engagement” and “awareness” no longer sufficient to prove its value?

Join us for a free webinar, where we will show you how calculate the ROI of social media and prove its financial impact on your business. Webinar registration.

  • Learn how to measure the financial value returned from each dollar invested in social media campaigns
  • Compare the effectiveness of social media campaigns with traditional media such asMoM ROI TV, print, radio and outdoor
  • Monitor KPI (key performance indicator) trends and optimize your social media campaigns to maximize returns.

Led by Dag Holmboe, CEO of Klurig Analytics, moderated by Mala Sarat Chandra, Lecturer in Social Media at the University of Washington, this free 30 minute webinar will run on Wednesday, May 25th, 2p, EDT, 11am PDT.

Register for the webinar here. Also, tell your Facebook friends about it.

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