Digital Marketing Files: Are Marketers Forgetting to Talk Today?

Klurig Analytics was interview by Dom Nicastro for a great article in CMS Wire whether marketers are remembering that it is not about social media and social media analytics.  Marketers still need to interact face to face, over the phone, live with customers.  On the other hand, you also need to monitor your social media networks, including your competition and your space.  With other words, you need to take advantage of both the analog and the digital worlds.  More great insight from Dom Nicastro in the article.

Digital Marketing Files:  Are Marketers Forgetting to Talk Today?

By  |  Oct 7, 2013

customer experience, Customer Engagement: Are Digital Marketers Forgetting to Talk Today?

When I was the editor of a small daily newspaper in Massachusetts, we had monthly reader advisory board meetings.

A dozen or so readers — picked carefully by our team based on demographics and engagement with the newspaper — literally came to our office, and I greeted each one at the door. We had a targeted agenda, maintained a lively discussion and produced action items.

The result? Story ideas for my staff, rotating columns in our editorial section by advisory board members and some brand recognition in our four small communities.


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