About me

Dag Holmboe – An executive in high-tech.

20 years of research and development, operations and executive management in Internet-related companies, including Internet start-ups.

Dag at ESPN headquarters

Dag at ESPN headquarters

The first 10 years as a software developer for various companies building hospitality systems, financial research data, biotech and consumer goods products on UNIX, Linux, and Windows using C, C++ and Java.

I moved to a VP of Technical Services role managing the commercial delivery of a VPN management product.

This role changed to a SVP of Commercial Operations where I managed all post-sales functions including delivery and configuration of secure VoIP to business and residential customers via direct and reseller channels.

Moved to different company building telecom billing system where I, as COO, ran R&D and operations.

Changed company again to COO of Nuovomedia, an online media company. We spent the majority of 2008 raising funds for an online news and social networking site.

I started Klurig Analytics a few years ago. Klurig Analytics started out as a Social Media Analytics company, which develops methodologies and applications to analyze and estimate the return value and ROI of social media campaigns. Since then, we have moved into advanced analytics with emphasis on Social Network Analytics  and Text Mining. 

My past includes winning two US nationals in sailing boat racing, one Swedish national in one  frisbee discipline and I have also represented Sweden internationally in both sailing (Admirals Cup) and frisbee (World Championship). In addition, I have about 25 – 30 marathons and ultra-marathons behind me, two trans-Atlantic crossing in sailing boats and a mountaineering summit attempt on Denali (we reached as high as 16,200 ft).


4 Responses to About me

  1. Hi Dag,
    I located you from your Twitter follow, thank you. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog. I’ve bookmarked it as a good social media strategy resource. I currently developing an consultancy for helping SMB’s move more of their business on-line, implementing better workflow and business functionality, including Web 2.0 tools and content development. But, I’m no techy, so who knows, perhaps someday I’ll call for some specific advice or business.

  2. dagholmboe says:

    Richard, Thanks for the post. I just posted part 2 in the Social Media ROI series. It seems there is a lot of confusion over Social Media ROI. There should not be a confusion over this as it is pretty straight forward.

    With respect to your business, it sounds all good. I have a lot of experience in technology (go to my LinkedIn profile) so just let me know if I can help out.

    Again, thanks for the comment.


  3. Tabita Green says:

    I thought Klurig sounded Swedish! I’m a fellow Swede in the Internet marketing business. I really like your concept of looking at the ROI of social media. I’ll continue to listen and learn!

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