About Klurig

This blog started about social media analytics and a social media ROI application.  As interest and work changed, so did the blog.

Bjm_qzqIEAAKgBvKlurig Analytics is primarily a text mining and social network analysis company using graphs and the neo4j graph database.

Most of our work is on social media data where we use text mining to understand users’ explicit actions and thoughts based on words, topics and sentiment. We use social network analysis to understand users’ implicit actions based on who they follow, retweet and mention, as well as who follows, retweets and mentions them. Using these techniques, we are better able to understand the user community and it enables us to find the top thought leaders based on very defined, quantifiable metrics. We are also very good at accessing online data using APIs.

While we primarily has worked with Twitter data, this work has successfully been used in other non-Twitter settings as well. For instance, working with a pharmaceutical market research company, identifying top thought leaders in oncology world wide, we looked at four databases where we found explicit connections between oncologists, which we weighed and used as a proxy for influence and top thought leadership. We merged the data together and created composite graphs in aggregate and individually, static and interactive. On the whole, our results made it super easy to identify top thought leaders and their specialties based on evidence-based data. The final delivery was rated ‘best in class’ by the pharmaceutical company in 2013 for identifying and targeting top thought leaders.

And, just for fun – Happy Billion Seconds

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