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  • Download the lite version of the ROI application here.
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  • Social Media ROI explained in video here.

MoM ROISocial Media Marketers face pressure from outside clients and internal management to provide data on the return on their Social Media Marketing investments. In the past, the return has been measured in web metrics (page views, users, click-throughs) but this is no longer good enough. Today, there is a need to see the return in dollars and cents, and to calculate the Social Media ROI (see Social Media ROI video).

It is clear that Social Media marketers need better tools to estimate, monitor and maximize the return on their Social Media marketing investments.

To meet this requirement, we are introducing a Social Media ROI application that not only gives you the value of your Social Media campaign in dollars amounts; furthermore the application helps you maximize the value of your campaign.

Maximizing value is often an order of magnitude more effective than just calculating the current value.

Using monthly web and social metrics, industry conversion metrics and cost comparables, the ROI application standardizes the return in dollars.

By measuring the return across return channels like brand awareness, member value and consumer insight, we arrive at the monthly return per channel (see Social Media ROI return channels).  This is very powerful.  Based on this data, we estimate future returns, we monitor returns on a monthly basis and we maximize returns per channel for a larger overall return.

The ROI application is beneficial in the following areas:

1.    Prior to a campaign, you use the application’s interactive and graphing capabilities.  You develop what-ifs scenarios to quickly arrive at best-case, worst-case and anticipated-case scenarios.
2.    During a campaign, you enter monthly web metrics to estimate the monthly return and to compare with prior data allowing you to make quick mid-stream course corrections to maximize the return.
3.    After the campaign, the application is used in a post-mortem analysis to ensure that what is learned from the campaign is identified and used in future campaigns.
4.    The ROI application decrease sales cycles by providing faster and better estimates for the social media campaign investment, return and ROI.

The ROI application comes with over 40 dials for fine-tuning and maximizing the return.  On the back-end are pleasing graphics for quick understanding of the important aspects of the Social Media campaign.  The graphics are made to easily show peers, upper and executive management and clients the Social Media return and the no-longer elusive Social Media ROI.


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