Digital Marketing Files: Are Marketers Forgetting to Talk Today?

October 13, 2013

Klurig Analytics was interview by Dom Nicastro for a great article in CMS Wire whether marketers are remembering that it is not about social media and social media analytics.  Marketers still need to interact face to face, over the phone, live with customers.  On the other hand, you also need to monitor your social media networks, including your competition and your space.  With other words, you need to take advantage of both the analog and the digital worlds.  More great insight from Dom Nicastro in the article.

Digital Marketing Files:  Are Marketers Forgetting to Talk Today?

By  |  Oct 7, 2013

customer experience, Customer Engagement: Are Digital Marketers Forgetting to Talk Today?

When I was the editor of a small daily newspaper in Massachusetts, we had monthly reader advisory board meetings.

A dozen or so readers — picked carefully by our team based on demographics and engagement with the newspaper — literally came to our office, and I greeted each one at the door. We had a targeted agenda, maintained a lively discussion and produced action items.

The result? Story ideas for my staff, rotating columns in our editorial section by advisory board members and some brand recognition in our four small communities.



Phases of Social Media Analytics

September 27, 2013

Social media analytics techniques are constantly advancing.  Looking back, we are going through different phases of social media analytics.  Based on this concept, we have passed through the first and second phase of social media analytics and we are now entering the third phase.  This post gives you a high-level picture of the three phases of social media analytics.

Phase 1 – Following.  In the early days of social media analytics, the big thing was the number of followers or fans.  If my social media following was larger than your social media following, then I win. Brands worked hard to generate the maximum number of fans, often by paying them with cash or other offers just to get them to sign up. So social media analytics was all about the numbers of fans and followers and we spent a lot of time trying to increase our following. Read the rest of this entry »

Social Media Analytics

December 16, 2012

Social media analytics is constantly changing and currently it seems that we are moving into phase two.

Phase one of social medi analytics was mostly about number of followers, fans, posts and tweets. The idea was that if you have a large number of fans, then you were doing well. That makes sense and often a site with more fans is doing better than a site with less fans. At the end of phase one, we begun to understand that the sheer number of fans is less important than what how these fans are engaging. To use an extreme example – a site with a thousand fans who do not engage is not as useful as a site with 100 fans who talk a lot.

As we move into phase two of social media analytics, we are starting to understand that what people are saying is more important than how much people are saying – quality vs quantity. If we continue to use the example above, we see that a site with 10 fans having a discussion with a particular goal in mind is worth more than a site with 100 fans where the discussion is not focused.tweets_only_freq_multi

Before we continue, a word of caution – social media is large and the value of your social media effort (ROI) is directly linked to your social media goals. Sometimes you want a large group of people who talks about anything and everything, and sometimes you want smaller, more focused discussions. It is all about your goals. Read the rest of this entry »

Social Media ROI – Value of a Fan

April 13, 2010

Today (April 13, 2010), Adweek came out with article describing how Vitrue determined the value of a Facebook fan.  That got me thinking.

First of all, the measurement “$$/fan” is misleading.  The measurement should state “$$/fan/year” or month or some time period.  Otherwise, it simply doesn’t make sense. Read the rest of this entry »

Social Media ROI – Part 3

April 26, 2009

From Social Media ROI – Part 1 and Social Media ROI – Part 2, we saw different ways of calculating the Social Media ROI.  In the third part, I am introducing a down-loadable Excel spread sheet (link at the bottom of this post) for calculating the Social Media ROI.  The spread sheet is based on the following:

  1. Work that Charlene Li and Jeremiah Owyang of Forrester Research did in 2007 on the ROI of blogging.
  2. Work that Bill Johnston of Forum One has done for Online Community ROI.
  3. The remaining work is based on un-sourced research. Read the rest of this entry »

Social Search

April 15, 2009

Social Search is a concept that keeps popping up but there does not seem to be a common understanding of what exactly it is. This post will attempt to lay out a definition and then follow up why social search is useful as an online/offline complement to non-social searches like offline library searches or online web searches. Read the rest of this entry »

Business benefits of Social Media

April 3, 2009

As we saw in a previous post, there were 80 million users of social networks in 2008, forecasted to increase to 115 million in four years. In addition, according to Media6degrees, a consumer who is connected to a customer is 2 to 30 times more responsive to promotions. These numbers alone should establish the benefits to a business. You need to be where your customers are. Read the rest of this entry »